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2:09 p.m. - 2007-04-09
stupidity in the course of a few minutes
I get a lot of stupid questions at the library, but usually they are spread out
throughout the day. Here are some of the encounters I had in the time span of less than
15 minutes:

A patron asked me if we had The diary of anne Frank. I said I would look up to see if it
was in. It was, so I wrote down the call number for her. She then said "Oh that's the
number for DVDs?" I said, "I'm sorry, you wanted the movie" she said "UH DUH". Yeah I'M
the idiot for thinking you would come to the library and ask for an EXTREMELY popular
book's very unknown movie version. I get that a lot with harry potter too, but at least
those are popular movies too. Hint: If you go into a LIBRARY and say the title of a movie
that's also a title of the book it's made after, and you don't say "I need the movie", a
librarian will assume you want the book, dumbass.

A man asked me to look up a fiction book for him. He said he looked for it, but it wasn't
on the shelf even though our "stupid" catalog said it was. After he went on and on
bitching about how bad our library was, I asked him where he looked, he told me, "the
nonfiction section".

A high school kid asked me to help him search Inspire. He is doing a paper on troops
coming home from Iraq. I gave him a tutorial on Inspire and set him up to type in his
keywords and go. Well, he couldn't find any hits with his keywords. I asked him what the
keywords were and he said 'well i don't know now'. So I gave him a few suggestions: troop
withdraw, withdrawing from Iraq, etc. The first search came up with about 26 articles. I
told him to start looking through those. Less than 30 seconds later he said "I have to
look through all of those" to which I replied "yes". He said "god I thought this work for
my research project wouldn't take more than 5 minutes" to which I thought "wow, don't
ever try to go to college".

Finally, someone asked me if I could find them a book. They didn't know the title or
author, or what it was about. All they knew was what the cover looked like. They were
angry that I couldn't find it and called ME stupid.

Wow....I think the movie Idiocracy is a prediction of the future.


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